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The Fianzas encompass a series of products that guarantee the consolidation of your business project, generating through them a strict control of credit lines, suppliers, employees and the judicial processes involved in your company.
These are the different bonds:


Administrative Bonds encompasses a series of guarantees in the fulfillment of contracts, economic investments, tax credits, delivery of goods and services and in the quality of the employees and the materials used.

  • Bid or bid bonds: guarantees the seriousness of the economic proposals.
  • Advances bonds: guarantees the appropriate investment.
  • Compliance Bonds: guarantees the delivery of goods or services and the completion periods of a project.
  • Good Quality: guarantees the good quality of the materials and the workforce employed.
  • Lease Bonds: guarantees the payment of the income of a property.
  • Tax Fianzas: assures you of tax noncompliance


The Credit Guarantee guarantees the payment of a credit derived from the conclusion of a contract for the supply of fuel (gas stations, fuel distributors, fuel supply for airlines, etc).


Fidelity Bond protects the assets of your company when an employee commits breach of trust, theft, fraud and embezzlement.

Accredited crime you can recover the embezzled amount and receive advice and legal assistance. In addition, the crime rate decreases as it is a psychological pressure for employees.


Judicial Bonds guarantees the correct fulfillment of the obligations of those involved in a judicial proceeding that has to do with your business. The obligations to be secured must be derived from lawsuits of a civil, commercial and amparo nature for reasons such as alimony, the figure of the executors, provisional or definitive suspensions, embargoes, etc.

Other Products and Services

At present, due to the large number of suppliers and the growth trend in each industry, the need for greater control and administration arises for companies.

For this reason, BONDS developed a program to support companies in the control of their suppliers and reduce possible breaches.